The Drug Rehab Options and the Supports Now

The drug rehab treatment alone does not solve the problem; therefore after it rehabilitation is mandatory. Treatment of drug addiction is the removal of the patient’s physical dependence on narcotic substances, and rehabilitation is the elimination of psychological dependence on drugs, which is the determining factor in the severity and intractability of the disease.

Therefore, after returning from the clinic or after completing the course of medication at home, it is necessary to start the next stage of treatment – rehabilitation – as soon as possible (ideally – immediately). In the lighthouse orange county also you can have the best treatment now.

This part of the treatment is the longest and most time consuming. During the rehabilitation, the patient has to get rid of mental dependence on the drug. In this he needs the help of relatives and the support of specialist psychologists. Rehabilitation is the process of restoring lost skills, social ties, and the establishment of destroyed human relationships. Therefore, an obligatory condition for successful rehabilitation is the presence of a collective or a group in which, under the guidance of a specialist, these processes occur. Unfortunately, the real opportunities for obtaining rehabilitation assistance dependent are still very much limited – the system of non-medical assistance is currently in the making. There are not enough funds, there are not enough specialists. Nevertheless, for the course of rehabilitation there are two principal possibilities:

Rehabilitation centers

The system of rehabilitation centers appeared in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. With a huge variety of techniques that are used in different countries, the essence of the method remains unchanged.

  • Patients live in a closed community and, communicating with each other, learn to build relationships again, take responsibility for their own actions, master lost personal skills. As a rule, in any rehabilitation center there is a set of rules that determines the whole order of life and establishes for the patients rather strict limits of what is allowed.
  • Usually patients completely independently serve themselves: they prepare, clean, erase. And each of the residents of the center alternately performs all kinds of household chores. Along with this, much attention in the rehabilitation program is given to psychotherapy and group work under the guidance of a psychologist.

Treatment in the rehabilitation center is a highly effective form of rehabilitation. However, it is still very poorly developed, primarily because of the extremely high cost of treatment per patient – the passage of the program is possible in a team that does not exceed 20-30 people, which must be fully provided with everything necessary throughout the course. Therefore, virtually all rehabilitation centers in Russia are non-state and are either financed by international humanitarian organizations or at the expense of the patients themselves.

In addition, recently the idea of ​​creating centers for the treatment of addicts has been actively used by representatives of various religious organizations and sects to involve new members in their ranks. Often in centers built on such principles, instead of getting rid of dependence, its substitution takes place – drugs are replaced by some idea, for example, religious. Thus, stay in the rehabilitation center is a good form of rehabilitation, which is difficult to access in our country.

If you intend to build the treatment exactly on a stay at the center, you need to carefully study the work of this institution and be prepared for a long waiting period or serious material costs.

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